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Bo Huff Customs

This is a 1949 Mercury Sedan Owned by Geno DiPol. He is the publisher of Ol' Skool Rodz and Car Kulture DeLuxe magazines.  This car was the second place winner of the 60th Grand Nationals Roadster Show this past January in California.  "Dixie Deluxe" was built by legendary car builder Bo Huff of Bo Huff Custom Shop E. Carbon, Utah,   We are proud to be one of the first to show off this fine ride!  ****To see more photos of Dixie DeLuxe click on "Read More "

This 1961 Pontiac Ventura 2-Door Custom was built by Bo Huff Customs. Junior Huff (only 17 years old) laid out the flames and the hundreds of feet of pin stripping, that flows flawlessly throughout the vehicle, including underneath the hood.  "Poncho Brillante" is owned  by Alan Mayes who is the Managing editor of Ol' Skool Rodz and Car Culture Deluxe.   He states in Car Culture Deluxe:  "Junior Huff is one of the best pin strippers I have ever seen." It was the 2nd place winner at the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show!


Deuces Wild Web would like to give special thanks to Geno Dipol and Alan Mayes of Ol` Skool Rodz & Car Kulture DeLuxe magazines for the photos used in this article.**You can contact Bo Huff at  E-Mail him at  PH. 435-888-2060  ** For info on Ol Skool Rodz & C K DeLuxe go to

Viva Los Vegas Car show, 2008

Here are our good friends Bo Huff, and the Dead Sleds!  This is one show you don`t want to miss!    *** For more info on the Dead Sleds go to   

Here's Our Friends , Mad Max and The Wild Ones
I know you've been waiting to meet our friends! :) Mad Max and the Wild One's are one of the best up and coming Rockabilly bands! Book this band if you want to fill the house. They have been seen in OL SKOOL RODZ and Car Kulture DeLuxe magazines.

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