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About Us:

THE DEUCES WILD DREAM: "My intention on building this site site is a dream, not to be tailored. It has taken me over 18 months to build my dream hot rod complete with modern safety features, and to have and 'Old-School' flavor. The 32 Ford is driven between 14-20 thousand miles yearly, depending on how many events and shows this car will partake in. I try to attend as many cruise nights and shows as I possibly can. I proudly display my 'work in progress', as each day I dream up new ways to improve on the build.I have been building,painting, and working on cars for over 30 years. My first car was a 1936 Buick I was 15 yrs. old. A TRUE HOT ROD IS NEVER DONE!" --Hot Rod Bob

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Deuces Wild Web, LLC

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