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          New things are coming to the web site and some things are going away. A new product line will be coming on line, a link page , updated product line and more...  also more photos will be added. On Dec.7th we had a cancer fund raiser for Bo Huff I raised $313.00 for Bo. He has started his treatment and is improving. Bo was recently diagnosed with stage 3 multiple Myeloma

***    I have not been attending to my web site for a wile in NOV. 2010 I lost my MOM ....  In January I found out my dad has Stage 4 Lung Cancer that has spread to his Liver and Spine.. I am his sole care giver My time is being spent with him I will try to post more dates on the Calender but bare with me...  My dad is the one that got me into Rodz & Kustoms. The Doctors say he has less than 3 mounths...


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